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Carol Tunic & Ruffle Parker Outfit

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

This is what we picture when we think, "cozy fall look!" This adorable outfit is made from the gorgeous Liberty of London Naiad A and this beautiful Ginger Corduroy. We have mashed several patterns and embellishments to achieve this look. The patterns you will need are Aprons, Parker's Pants and Ruthie. Instruction for added ruffle collar, bias sleeve band and ruffle pants can be found on the blog and linked below.

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Shirt Pattern: Aprons (Carol View) with Ruthie Sleeve Shirt Fabric: Naiad A by Liberty of London Pants Pattern: Parker's Pants

Pants Fabric: Ginger Corduroy by Robert Kauffman Buttons: Mother of Pearl Oval Buttons, Size 16 *Available at while supplies last.


1. Sew the Carol view from Aprons and cut to tunic length using Frannie Baby finished lengths. (see back of pattern for lengths) For the longer sleeve look, we chose to use the Ruthie sleeve finished with a bias band for the sleeve edge (click here for more instructions).

2. We added a ruffle collar, see this blog post.

3. Pants are Parker's Pants with an added ruffle, see this blog post.

Designed by

Ruth Ann Blackwood

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