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Adding a Ruffle to Pant Hem

Making the Robert or Parker's pants a little sassier is as easy as adding a ruffle to the hem. See how to make this quick detail using a contrasting fabric or use the pants fabric for a clean look with unlined pants.


Children’s Corner Robert or Parker's Pants pattern

Contrasting fabric – 1/8 yard

Cutting Instructions

1. Alter the length of the pants legs by subtracting the ruffle depth from the hem fold line. Be sure to include a 1/4” seam allowance. 2. To determine the ruffle size for each leg, see the chart below.


1. Complete construction of pants except for hemming. 2. With right sides together stitch ends of ruffle together. Press seam open. 3. Fold ruffle in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and press. 4. Sew two lines of gathering stitches on the top edge of ruffle. Stitch the first line 1/8” from raw edge and the second line 3/8” from raw edge. 5. Pull gathering threads on ruffle to match the bottom edge of the pant leg.

6. Place ruffle with right sides together on pant leg, matching raw edges. Stitch ruffle to pant leg. Serge or clean finish seam. 7. Press seam towards the pant leg. 8. Topstitch 1/8” from seam on pant leg using an edgestitch foot catching seam.

Adapted by

Cathy Jones

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