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Sailboat Pocket

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Adding these pockets will have you thinking of being on the water. Kids love pockets, and we love it when we can make them look cuter than ever. We add the sailboat pockets to the front of our Lucy and Johnny patterns to make the cutest brother/sister or cousin/cousin or friend/friend combo you ever did see.


Children’s Corner Lucy Pattern Children’s Corner Johnny Pattern Pocket fabric – 4” x 4” Boat fabric – 4” x 2” Trim and buttons for embellishment


1. Cut out two sail pieces. (download PDF here)

2. Cut out one boat piece on fold.

3. Depending on the weight of the fabric, we recommend you interface fabrics for the pockets. In our sample, we used white cotton dotted swiss and interfaced with baby interfacing.

4. If using piping, trim piping seam allowance to 1/4".

5. Starting at the X, affix trim with either straight pins or we used Roxanne’s baste-it glue. Place trim along all edges of the right side of one sail 1/4" from the raw edge.

6. Clip well at corners so trim will pivot at the angles.

7. When you get all the way around to the X again, overlap the ends of the trim and angle the ends toward the outer edge of the sail. If you are using piping, pull inner cording out of its casing and trim away 1/4" of cording on each side to reduce bulk. Stitch the trim to the sail using a 1/4” seam and pivoting at the corners. The area where the trim overlaps will be at the center point of the lower sail edge.

8. Place the two sail pieces with right sides together, and stitch along previous stitching line, leaving a 1” opening at the lower edge (to be used for turning). Trim and clip seam at corners. Turn sail right side out and press well.

9. Whipstitch the opening in the sail closed by hand. Sew buttons in place to right side of sail if using.

10. Fold boat piece on fold line with right sides together. Stitch raw edges from one fold to the other leaving a 1” opening at the center of lower edge. Trim and clip corners. Turn boat right side out and press well. Whipstitch the opening in the boat closed by hand.

11. Place pocket in desired spot. For a few hints in pocket placement, see our blog post. Pin sail and boat in place spacing the boat 1/2” below the sail.

12. Place a 1” piece of trim for the sailboat’s mast at the center point of lower sail and upper boat. Topstitch in place. Another piece of trim can be stitched at the top of the sail for a flag if desired.

13. Topstitch the boat to the garment 1/16” from the edge.

14. Stitch sail to garment starting at one dot and ending at the other, pivoting at the corners and backstitching well at each dot. The space between the dots is the pocket opening.

PIPED SAIL: stitch in the ditch

TRIMMED SAIL: topstitch 1/16” from edge.

For girl’s version tack ribbon or trim at the top of the sail and tie into a bow.

Instructions by Melissa Sansom

Click the printer icon below for printable version.


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