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Robert Exposed Pockets

Updated: May 4, 2023

You can use these instructions to add exposed pockets to the Robert pants, shorts or skort. Cute trim, piping, ric-rac or even a tiny ruffle can be stitched at the pocket and waistband edges. Coordinating fabric or fabric cut on the cross-grain can also be used for the pockets for another option.


Children’s Corner Robert pattern Use the fabric and elastic requirements for your size listed in the pattern. Decorative trim – (sizes 6mo – 6) 1½ yards (sizes 7 – 14) 1 ¾ yards

Cutting Instructions

Cut out 2 pants front, 2 pants back, 4 pocket lining pieces and the waistband. Do not cut out the pocket pieces or use the pocket template. Label 2 pocket lining pieces “pocket” and 2 pocket lining pieces “pocket lining”. Be sure that you have 2 rights and 2 lefts of each pocket piece.


1. Stitch trim along both curved edges of one pocket piece at the ¼ inch seam line. Repeat for the other pocket.

2. Pin one pocket right sides together with pocket lining. Stitch together along previous stitch lines at both curves. Clip curves and turn right side out. Press. Repeat with the other pocket.

3. Topstitch both pockets 1/16 inch from the edge along the upper small curve.

4. Pin pocket in place onto pants front. Line up the raw edges at the sides and top of the pocket with the raw edges of the pants front. Repeat with the other pocket.

5. Stitch pocket to pants front along lower curved edge of pocket 1/16in from the edge.

6. Baste pockets to pants at upper edges and side seams.

7. Stitch pants center front seam. Clip curves. Finish seam and press to one side if making unlined pants. Press seam open if making lined pants.

8. Stitch trim to the lower edge of the waistband along the ¼ inch seamline with right sides together.

9. Pin waistband in place to front pants. Stitch in place following the previous stitching line. Press seam up toward the waistband. Topstitch 1/16 in from seam edge if desired.

10. Continue pants construction according to pattern instructions.

Adaptation by Melissa Sansom

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