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Make Alex Shirt Your Way

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Look no further, Alex will quickly become your go-to blouse/shirt pattern in your collection. Traditionally our patterns included a blouse. When woven and knit blouses became more readily accessible to buy, fewer sewers chose to sew both a dress and a blouse. When we designed Alex, we knew we had to include a blouse because it looks so cute with one! AND because we heard from many of you that you missed our blouses. Keep reading to see a collection of ideas on how you can make Alex your way.

Why is the Alex blouse so great?

1. Sleeves are interchangeable. Interchange the sleeve from Basics for Boys, Lilah, Molly, Victoria, Eleanor, and Allie.

2. Need a blouse larger than size 6? Buy the Victoria pattern (sizes 7-14), do not sew in darts lengthen 4-5" depending on size. You have two sleeves and two collars to choose from this package.

3. Bailey – Pair with Bailey for colder months.

4. Molly – make the sleeveless Molly and sew this blouse and you are uniform ready.

5. Dressy Boys Shirt – add tucks, pleats or lace and use the straight sleeve. You’ve got all you need to make the traditional dressy shirt for his special occasion.

6. Just like this Allie blouse, the Alex length is appropriate to be worn inside or out of Robert or Parker’s Pants.

7. Add the ruffle neckline as seen in the Ruffle Lee blog post or as seen in the Victoria pattern.

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