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Two Little Bloomers Quilt Block

Learn this sweet quilt block with our resident quilt expert, Chris! Her pattern, Two Little Bloomers, features these rough edged flowers and incorporates them in your choice of two different quilt options. Watch as Chris shows you how to make these sweet blooms with ease.

Be sure to check out some of Chris' favorite notions:

Of course we also envisioned it on a garment! Shop the pictured Lillian look, here. Follow the instructions below to modify this sweet floral to fit a garment.

Little Bloomers on Lillian

1. Reduce the size of the Little Bloomers pattern pieces by 33%. 2, Follow the instructions and video to construct the bloom. 3. Trim the bloom closely away from the fabric block. 4. Tack the bloom onto a Lillian in the desired location.

Click the printer icon below for printable version.


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