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Smocked Ruthie with Cherries

Updated: May 30

We have been inspired by Smock London's new book, Rocking Smocking, and chose to add their Cherries plate to our classic Smocked Ruthie. The fabric is a lightweight pima stripe, perfect for summer time and a beautiful canvas for smocking. We added an extra pop of collar to the collar using the DMC scalloped hem technique. If you are interested in learning how to pleat and sew the Smocked Ruthie, check out our the video lesson!

Shop the Look

Pattern: Ruthie + Smocked Ruthie Add-on Fabric: Pima White VX by Spechler Vogel Lining: Pima Batiste White Smocking Plate: Cherry Lattice (from the Rocking Smocking book) DMC Floss: Blanc, 321, 703 (Purchase Match Your Floss and note this number.)

Buttons: Mother of Pearl Swirl Button White, Size 16 *Available at while supplies last.

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