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Scalloped Hem Using DMC Floss

Updated: Apr 25

Use this edge finish along the tiny hem of a ruffle or sleeve. The machine will hem the edge as it scallops the DMC embroidery floss. Practice on a scrap to find the best settings for your machine and fabric.


1. Press a very narrow hem on the edge of the fabric. 1/8” pressed in and then 1/8” pressed in again.

2. Cut two lengths of DMC 4-5” longer than the length you will sew. Tie both lengths together with a knot at one end (for a total of 12 strands). Run through Thread Magic a few times.

3. Set machine to a blind hem stitch. Width 5-5.5. Length 1.5-1.6. Tension 8-10. Mirror stitch so that it sews the straight stitches on the left side.

4. Use poly-cotton thread and an edge stitch foot (#10 Bernina). Line up pressed fabric edge right side up on the left side of presser foot blade. Line up 2 strands of DMC side-by-side on the right side of the blade.

5. Leaving a 2” tail of DMC at the beginning stitch along the fabric edge keeping fabric and DMC close to the blade. Machine will stitch 4 straight stitches on the left and then zigzag over to the right catching the DMC. The zig zag should completely clear the strands of DMC on the right. Stitch slowly as the machine stitches the hem and scallops the DMC.

6. Do not clip DMC tails short after finishing the edge. Use these longer lengths to tuck into the seam allowance as you continue construction of the garment. Then trim excess. Repair any stray stitches by hand with a needle and thread.

Technique by Melissa Sansom

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