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Silk Organza Victoria

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

To create the quintessential flower girl dress, we used the sleeveless version of Victoria, raised the waist line, and constructed the dress with a silk organza overlay for an elegant option. The sheerness of the organza will pair well with any bridal party wardrobe. For modesty, we fully lined the dress (bodice and skirt) and interlined the organza layer using satin batiste. A color coordinated blush satin batiste sash adds a sweet touch, or try a silk organza sash as a classic look. For more details on how to construct the sash, see our blog.


Children’s Corner Victoria pattern Silk Organza – fabric per the pattern plus enough to make piping Lining – twice the fabric requirements for the dress since the dress is fully lined AND interlined. Raised Victoria Waistline Blog Instructions

Cutting Instructions

1. Adjust bodice pieces per raised waistline blog instructions.

2. Cut an extra lining for the front (2 front bodice linings) and back bodice (4 back bodice linings). And cut a front and back skirt lining. If making with a zipper, cut a back lining for each side.

3. If making with buttons, cut placket strip using lining fabric.

4. Using the silk interlined with satin batiste, make enough piping for the neck and armholes.

Construction Instructions

1. To interline the bodice, place the silk bodice on the right side of one of the bodice linings. Stitch a lengthened stitch around the outer edge a scant ¼” from raw edge. Repeat with both the left and right back bodices. As you follow the Victoria instructions, treat the interlined bodices as your main fabric.

2. Follow the instructions for the Victoria sleeveless dress. This version can be made with a zipper or buttons, however, putting in a zipper paired the silk organza will be for a more advanced sewer.

3. After sewing the shoulder seams, stitch piping to the interlined fabric around the neckline and armhole curves. Refer to our video on making corded piping for tips.

4. For the skirt, treat the organza and lining as one fabric with the wrong side of the organza facing the right side of the lining. Follow the instructions as written. TIP: finishing your seams with a nice rolled hem is ideal for delicate fabric such as silk. For example if making the dress with buttons, when stitching the placket seam line, you will stitch through both fabrics. If making the dress with a zipper, baste each skirt together along the top edge using a scant 1/4” seam allowance.

Instructions by Susan Whitman

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