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Victoria with Raised Waistline

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

The Victoria pattern is our updated interpretation of the classic patterns, Virginia and Louise. We know a waistline dress might not work for every child or occasion. Want to raise the waistline of the Victoria pattern? Follow these few simple adaptations, and you will achieve that timeless silhouette. Pictured is a lovely dress made with silk organza. See our blog on how to construct this silk organza flower girl dress.


Cutting Instructions

1. Trace the front and back bodice (either sleeved or sleeveless) using tracing paper and leaving off the darts. Using the table below, measure up from the bottom of the bodice and draw a new cutting line.

NOTE: When raising the waist, there will no longer be the need for the darts on the shortened bodice.

2. Adjust the length of the skirt piece by adding the same amount that was taken off of the bodice.

3. Cut out the pattern and construct according the instructions.

Instructions by Susan Whitman

Click the printer icon below for printable version.


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