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Robert Shirt with Contrast Cuff

Updated: May 31, 2023

Take the Robert shirt and add a contrast fabric to the cuff for a fresh look. Roll the cuff up to reveal the contrast and help him look on trend.


Children’s Corner Robert pattern Contrast fabric - 1/8 yard Tracing paper

Cutting Instructions

1. Draw a new cuff pattern piece by adding 1/4” above the fold line. This will now be the top of the cuff. Trace the other three sides.

2. Using the new cuff pattern piece, cut 2 cuffs out of shirt fabric and 2 cuffs out of the contrasting fabric. Interface shirt fabric cuffs.

3. Cut 2 placket strips out of contrast fabric.


1. Construct shirt following Robert instructions. For the placket, on steps #18 – 20, use the contrast fabric placket strip. Continue through step #21.

2. Skip step #22.

3. Stitch one shirt fabric cuff to the right side of one contrast fabric cuff across the top of the cuff. Press seam towards lining. This is now your cuff piece. Follow the remainder of the instructions.

Adaptation by Susan Whitman

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