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Nora with Birthday Cake Applique

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Help the birthday girl enjoy her birthday cake again and again. For this tutorial, we used the Children’s Corner Nora dress View B with this darling cake applique. Don't worry, you can also make this for boys, just add to a t-shirt and pair with Parker's Pants shorts and he will be ready to celebrate.


Heat-n-Bond Light / Wonder Under

Knit for Birthday cake - 4 separate and coordinating fabrics for appliqué pieces: cake, frosting, candles, flames (Note: the fabric I used for the flames was actually a large floral that had a great yellow in it so I just used a small portion of the overall print. Feel free to get creative!)


1. Trace pattern pieces 1-7 on paper side of fusible lightweight Heat-n-Bond. Here is complete applique design, see attached PDF for individual pieces.

2. Iron on to the wrong side of appliqué pieces. 3. Cut out appliqué pieces following your traced lines. 4. Peel paper away from Heat-n-Bond. 5. Place your appliqué pieces on garment in the following order (it is best to check placement preference prior to fusing) A) cake pieces #4 and #7 B) candles #6* C) frosting pieces #1, #2, and #3 D) flames #5 *take care to place edge of candle under the top frosting piece 6. Fuse one layer at a time to ensure accuracy. 7. Using a straight stitch with a length of 2.5 stitch around all unfinished edges. Stitch 1/16" from edge of fabric. It can be helpful to draw your stitch line with a fabric marking pen prior to sewing.

Click the printer icon below for printable version.


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