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Multiple Ways to Button Frannie

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

One of our favorite features of the Frannie and Frannie Baby top/dress is the simplicity of the back closure. With just one button, there is easy access for popping this top/dress on your little girl. While the pattern suggests using a snap, consider these instructions for making a buttonhole loop or simply making a buttonhole.


Frannie or Frannie Baby Children’s Corner pattern Contrasting fabric to make loop

Buttonhole Loop Instructions

1. Cut one strip of fabric 3/4” wide and about 6” long. Lightly starch the fabric.

2. Press the long edges to the center of the strip (we used Best Press for a crisp press). Now press this strip in half lengthwise.

3. Cut a piece of clear water soluble stabilizer (we used solvy) 2” wide and 6” long. Place the fabric strip on top of the stabilizer and place under the presser foot. Stitch close to the two folded edges.

4. The stabilizer helps the fabric stay under the presser foot and not crammed down into the feed dogs. You may have to pull some of the paper out of the fabric with tweezers.

5. Fold the strip to form a loop and place on the right side of the placket V 1/4” down from the neckline. The part of the loop that extends beyond right hand side of the V will be the button loop.

6. Stitch the strip along the V line then back stitch. Trim the extra loop fabric, leaving 1/8”.

7. Continue with the Frannie instructions, taking care to not catch the loop when stitching the placket and neckline.

Buttonhole Instructions

1. Stitch a horizontal buttonhole on the left-hand side of the dress back. When the buttonhole is horizontal, the button has the area to slide from right to left which is effective when there is not a lap over placket.

Instructions by Susan Whitman

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