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Molly School Uniform

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

I have a love/hate relationship with school uniforms. The thought of being forced to stop sewing everything for my children brings tears to my eyes. However, taking the guess-work (and arguments) out of my life and morning routine is a game changer!

Many of you may not have to abandon your sewing machine for school clothes. If your school requires a standard school attire but you get to source the clothes, why not make their clothes as cute as possible. The new Molly pattern is a great option for girls. To make this jumper, see our Sleeveless Molly blog. However, do not raise the armhole in order to accommodate a blouse underneath the jumper. We sewed our sample with khaki twill and paired it with a white blouse and Peter Pan color. Other great fabric options are pique or corduroy.

We know how fun it is to sew school clothes. Make this jumper and keep your machine and heart humming throughout the school year.

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