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Knit Sleeve Knot

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

This adaptation may be used for either view of the Children’s Corner Nora pattern or Kaki view A.


Children’s Corner Nora or Kaki Cut 4 Ties - 2" x 3 ½" (Sizes 1 - 6) 2 ½" x 4" (Sizes 7 - 14)

Drafting Instructions

1. Trace a copy of the Nora LONG sleeve pattern piece or Kaki 3/4 length sleeve. Shorten the sleeve length by measuring from corners of armhole down 2 inches for sizes 1-6 and 2 ½ inches for size 7-14.

2. Transfer all sleeve pattern markings to new pattern piece. Draw a line from the dot at the top of the sleeve straight down to the hem of the sleeve. Cut out the sleeve pattern, cutting the sleeve in half along center line. Be sure that the front and back of the sleeves are marked.

3. Add a 1/4" seam allowance along newly cut center line of the front and back sleeves.

Construction of Ties

1. Fold fabric for tie in half lengthwise with right sides together. Using a ¼ inch seam allowance stitch along one long side and one short side of fabric strip pivoting at the corner. Trim seams to 1/8 inch and clip corner.

2. Turn right sides out and press. Repeat for other 3 ties.

Sleeve Construction

1. Cut 2 of each sleeve pattern piece. Transfer pattern markings being sure to mark which pieces are front and which are back.

2. Serge or zig zag sleeve hem lower edge and center edge. Repeat for other sleeve pieces.

3. Measure and mark a dot along the center edge of each sleeve piece that is 3 inches from the

lower sleeve edge.

4. Pin one sleeve tie along the lower edge of the sleeve hem with open end matching raw edge of the center sleeve. Fold up hem 3/4 inch for sizes 1-6 and 1 inch for sizes 7-14 with right sides together sandwiching the tie between the fold. Pin in place.

5. Stitch the open end of the tie in place at the center edge with a ¼ inch seam. Turn right side out and press hem in place. Repeat for the other ties and sleeve pieces.

6. Pin one front sleeve and one back sleeve with right sides together along center line. Stitch from top of sleeve to dot, backstitching well. Press this seam open. Repeat for the other sleeve.

7. Use an edgestitch foot to topstitch the center sleeve seam from top to bottom on both sides. Stitch 1/8 inch from the seam edge using a straight stitch with a length of 3. Repeat for the other sleeve. Leave sleeve hems unstitched for now.

8. Follow pattern instructions to stitch sleeves into dress and to stitch dress and sleeve side seams.

9. Beginning at one sleeve tie and moving around the sleeve to the other tie, topstitch the sleeve hem in place using a twin needle.

Adaptation by Melissa Sansom

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