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Knit Charlie

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Melissa sews our new Charlie pattern with knit fabric. She uses the Kaki bodice, and adds it to the Charlie shorts (but it could work with the long pants as well!) Melissa even shows you how to redraft the sleeve for a boy or a girl. Whether you are new to sewing with knits or not, Melissa gives knit sewing tips that make this romper a MUST sew.


Children's Corner Charlie, lower romper: Pattern pieces #6, #7, #13 and #15 Children's Corner Kaki, bodice: View A pattern pieces #1, #2 and #9 For puff sleeve: Charlie pieces #8 and #16 For straight sleeve: Kaki piece #7 Fabric: requirements for the unlined short Charlie Long prong metal snaps Jersey needle Stretch twin needle Baby interfacing ½ inch knit stay tape (optional)

Drafting Instructions

1. Trace Kaki pattern pieces.

2. Shorten the Kaki front and back bodice by measuring up from the lower edge and draw a new line based on the chart below.

3. For the straight sleeve shorten by measuring up from the lower edge of the Kaki sleeve and draw a new line based on the chart below.

4. For the puff sleeve move each X at the top of the sleeve cap out towards the edge of the sleeve ¾ inch. Also increase the length of the sleeve band to 1 ¼ inch.


1. Cut out fabric for bodice using the modified Kaki pattern pieces. Transfer all pattern markings.

2. Fold over placket extension at the back pants making a straight line with the lower edge of the cutting line. Cut out all fabric pieces for Charlie pants. Transfer pattern markings.

3. Cut and apply baby interfacing to fully cover both gripper strips and both leg bands.

4. Construct the Kaki shoulders and neckband according to the View A pattern instructions.

5. For the straight sleeve serge or zigzag the lower edge. Follow Kaki instructions to stitch sleeve to bodice and to stitch the underarm sleeve seams and bodice side seams. Turn under sleeve hem ½ inch and press. Topstitch sleeve hem using a twin needle.

6. If making the puff sleeve stitch the side seams of the bodice with right sides together. Finish seams and press to the back. Follow Charlie instructions to construct puff sleeve and stitch it to the Kaki bodice.

7. Stitch romper center front seams with right sides together. Stitch romper center back seams with right sides together. Place romper front with romper back right sides together and stitch both side seams. Finish seams with serger or zigzag.

8. Follow Charlie instructions to construct front and back gripper strips and leg bands.

9. Stitch lines of gathering stitches around the top of the romper pants with the first row ¼ inch from the edge and the second row 5/8 inch from the edge. Pull up gathering threads to match the romper bodice matching side seams, center fronts and center backs. Stitch romper to bodice using a ½ inch seam allowance. Trim seams to ¼ inch. Finish edge and press up toward the bodice.

10. Apply long prong snaps to gripper strips according to pattern instructions.

Adaptation by Melissa Sansom

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