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Kaki with Ruffle Sleeve

Updated: May 3

This Kaki has a new look with the Tiered Add-on skirt. To complete the look, we add a ruffle to the 3/4 sleeve to give her all the ruffles her heart (and yours) desire. You can also add this sleeve technique to either the Kaki or Nora knit dresses.


Children’s Corner Kaki pattern Children's Corner Tiered Add-on pattern Sleeve Ruffle pattern (click here for layered PDF)

Cutting Instructions

Sleeve Ruffle Using the pattern piece in the PDF, cut 2 sleeve ruffles. If you need assistance on working with our layered digital downloads, please see our digital pattern FAQs.


1. Sew the two short ends of the sleeve ruffle with right sides together, forming a circle. Finish seam and press to one side.

2. Sew two lines of gathering stitches across the top raw edge of the sleeve ruffle. Stitch the first line 3/8” from the raw edge, and stitch the second line 5/8” from the raw edge. Start and end gathering stitches 1/4" from each short edge.

3. Serge or zig zag the lower edge of the sleeve ruffle. Fold up lower edge 1/2" and press. Topstitch with twin needle to form the ruffle hem. Repeat with the other ruffle.

4. Gather ruffle to fit the lower sleeve edge. Stitch in place with 1/2" seam. Finish seam and press seams towards sleeve.

Adaptation by Melissa Sansom

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