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Julia with Gathered Skirt and Side Seam Pockets

Updated: Feb 9

Julia is a beautiful dress with princess seams and a pleated skirt. In this video. Susan envisions the pattern with a simple gathered skirt. We know our girls love a pocket, and in this sample Susan makes slight alterations to set the pocket within the side seam.

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Pattern: Julia with Ruthie sleeve

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Children's Corner Julia pattern Children's Corner Ruthie pattern Tracing paper Straight pins


1. Redraft the Julia bodice front to alter from the capped sleeve to a full inset sleeve. In our example, we used Ruthie but any gathered Children's Corner sleeve can work.

2. Follow along with the video to see the steps to construct the bodice and redraft the Julia pocket to be inset in the side seam.

3. Finish the dress according to the Julia pattern instructions.

Adaptation by Susan Whitman

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