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Jazzy Christmas Tree Bishop

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A lovely smocked Bishop dress for the holidays! Use the long sleeve and your favorite holiday plate for a classic smocked Christmas dress. This look is completed by bias bands at the sleeves (see blog) for an extra touch.

Truthfully I will always love the look of a short sleeve much more than a long sleeve, but winter happens you know. And I really don’t like to cover up smocking with a sweater. This fabric is a pretty red cotton microcheck gingham from Fabric Finders. To me it is the size gingham (1/32”) that is most suitable for a bishop pleated by machine. I think smocking it on a red microcheck gives it a fresh new look. - Melissa

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Pattern: Bishop Fabric: Micro Red Gingham by Fabric Finders Plate: Jazzy Christmas Trees by Cross Eyed Cricket DMC Floss: 321, 433, 701, 703, B5200 (Purchase Match Your Floss and note these numbers.) Buttons: 1/2" Decorative Plastic Button Red

*Available as a pre-pleated kit and sold seperately at while supplies last.

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