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Heirloom Victoria

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

When making an heirloom dress, treat your design like a puzzle. Start with a building block, like our versatile Victoria pattern. And then begin to add elements such as laces, netting, and ribbons to create a classic dress fit for that special occasion.

This beautiful heirloom dress is made with satin batiste in a soft pink. Other fabrics such as Swiss batiste or lawn fabrics are also suitable options. To create this look, we replaced the bias sleeve band with Swiss embroidered beading and gathered English netting. The ruffle collar is also English netting. Due to the increased depth of the English netting, we used additional length to ensure ruffle does not cup. For reference, on our size 4 sample, we used 36". Machine crocheted belt loops hold the sash in place in the center back and on sides. See how to do this technique by machine. Tiny ribbon laced through the beading and a satin ribbon sash complete the perfect portrait dress.

Design by Cathy Jones

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