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Crocheted Button Loop By Machine

Updated: May 3, 2023

No need to make the delicate crocheted button loops for your heirloom project by hand! Let us show you a way to do this quickly with your sewing machine. Button loops are used with lovely shank buttons, or as a way to keep that silk satin ribbon in place at her waist.


1. With your machine threaded with All Purpose polyester thread and ready to sew, pull the bobbin and needle threads out 12 – 18 inches then pull that amount again. Each time “fold them together until you are holding 6 threads. Watch the video to see how Susan pulls both the top and bobbin thread through the machine to do this step quickly.

2. Cut at the end of the third set. Hold them close together and place them under the presser foot. Lower the foot.

3. Set machine to a zigzag stitch with a width of 4mm and length of 1mm.

4. Grab the bobbin thread and needle thread along with the other bundle of threads. Hold them taut and slowly pull them as you stitch. The faster that you stitch, the faster you can pull.

5. Keep the threads at the center of the foot so that the needle will clear the threads on each side.

6. When you are near the end of your “thread bundle” stop, cut the threads. Clip the threads so the you have a clean point to thread through a large needle. (#22 chenille needle works well)

7. Knot the end of the threads. If using as a loop for a sash, take a small stitch in the seam allowance then place the needle through the seam. Reenter the seam and take another stitch in the seam allowance before knotting the thread.

8. If using as a button loop, double knot the thread and bring the needle up to the outside of the garment then back to the wrong and tie off and tug to test the strength of the loop.

Button loop used at the side and back of this Victoria to hold the silk satin ribbon in place.

Button loops used at the back of this Bishop at the neck band to close around this beautiful shell shank button.

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