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Heirloom Bib

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

This is a great project to use with the small pieces leftover from a large project, like a christening gown. You can make this as an accompanying bib for the formal christening dress, or as a cherished baby gift.


Cutting Instructions

1. Trace the Bunny’s Knit bib pattern onto tissue paper or pattern paper. Narrow the curve on either side of center back so that the ends are ½” wider than the width of the ribbon you will be using.


1. Build a square of lace insertions, lace beading, and pin tucks on a section of batiste. Be sure to complete the square with batiste on the outer sides. The square will need to be slightly larger than the bib pattern. 2. Place the pattern on your square with lace. Cut out the bib and lining. 3. Weave ribbon through the beading holes, leave the ribbon a little longer than the beading for now. 4. Trim the batiste off of one side of the entredeux. Trim the other side to ¼”. Clip the batiste edge every ½” or so to allow the entredeux to curve around the bib. 5. Shorten the stitch length to 1.5mm and stitch the entredeux to the outer edge of the bib with right sides together. You will stitch as close to the edge of the entredeux as possible. Start and stop at the center back ends. 6. Stitch one end of each ribbon to the right side of the center back ends of the bib, leaving a ¼” seam allowance on each side of the ribbon. 7. Place the batiste lining on top of the bib with right sides together. Stitch on the entredeux stitching line. Take care to not catch the ribbon in the stitching. Leave a small opening on one side of the bib large enough to turn right side out. 8. Trim the seam allowance as neatly as possible a scant 1/8”. Turn right side out and press. Finish the small opening with a whip stitch. 9. Gather lace edging and stitch to the edge of the entredeux. Leave 1” of lace at each end. 10. Curve the ends of the lace edging to the center back ends of the bib, and whipstitch the lace to the bib.

Instructions by Susan Whitman

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