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Harper with Ruffle Collar

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Harper with a ruffle collar is a sassy twist on the classic Harper bubble. Enjoy this adaptation for Harper to create an entirely new look for spring and summer.

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Cutting Instructions

1. Cut rectangle for collar using the chart below.

2. Measure the neck line by measuring from fold line to fold line at center back. Add 1" to this measurement. 3. Cut bias band 1 1/4" wide x the neckline measurement (calculated in step 2).


4. Follow Harper instructions steps #1–2. Skip to step #11. Follow stitching instructions but leave the neckline unstitched. 5. Turn bodice to right side out and press. 6. Baste neckline 1/2” from raw edge. 7. Construct Harper bubble following instructions steps #15 – 27. 8. Construct the ruffle collar. Turn under 1/8” on 2 short ends and one long side of rectangle. Press. 9. Turn under another 1/8” on 2 short ends and one long side. Press. 10. Stitch using edge stitch foot. 11. Sew 2 lines of gathering stitches on the raw edge of the hemmed ruffle. Stitch the first line 3/8” from raw edge and the second line 5/8” from the raw edge.

12. Pull up ruffle to fit neckline. Start ruffle at the right-hand back edge and stop the ruffle 3/4” from the left-hand back edge. Pin and baste ruffle to neckline using 1/2” seam allowance.

13. Press under one long edge of neckband on the right side of the bubble around the neck edge. Leave 1/4” of neckband extending beyond the edges of the bubble, and trim excess neckband. Stitch in place using 1/2” seam allowance. Trim seam allowance to 1/4”. 14. Press folded neckband away from bubble. Fold neckband in half back toward bubble with right sides together. Stitch across short ends of neckband close to edge of bubble. Trim seam to 1/8” and turn band right side out. Whipstitch neckband in place on inside of dress with the fold of the band just covering the stitching line. 15. Return to Harper instructions steps #28-29 for buttons and buttonholes.

Adaptation by Cathy Jones

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