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Harper + Robert Mashup

Updated: May 31, 2023

Sweet babies are even sweeter in a baby bubble. Our Harper pattern is dressed up for baby boy with the straight sleeve from the Robert pattern. Make this variation for girls, by adding sleeves like our Lilah, Victoria, or Eleanor.


Children’s Corner Harper pattern Children’s Corner Robert pattern Fabric – per the Harper pattern Tracing paper

Cutting Instructions

1. Trace the Harper front bodice and place it on top of the Robert front shirt. Extend the shoulder line to match the Robert line and draw the new armhole. Repeat with the back bodice.

Note: Do not change the neckline, as Harper’s neckline is bigger.

2. Cut Harper pieces per instructions using adjusted bodices.

3. Cut sleeves per the Robert pattern.


1. Following the instructions for the Harper bubble, except in step #11, skip sewing around the armholes.

2. After side seams are sewn, baste around armhole to hold main fabric and lining in place.

3. Follow Robert instructions for sleeve construction and sewing to bodice.

Instructions by Susan Whitman

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