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Complete Pattern List

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Ever wonder what you have in your pattern library? In this PDF, we've attempted to compile a list of all pattern names and the size range in which they were offered. We hope this is helpful as you keep an accounting of your very own Children's Corner Pattern collection. We will update this list to reflect which patterns are currently still in print. Updated August 2023.

Sorted in Alphabetical Order

Master List of CC Patterns_August23_ABC
Download PDF • 278KB

Sorted in Numerical Order

Master List of CC Patterns_August23_123
Download PDF • 277KB

A Little History

Started in 1978, Children's Corner Patterns has grown to a catalog of more than 300 sewing and smocking patterns. Over the years, patterns may have been packaged alone or with a group of other similar styles. The earliest patterns were printed on white copy paper and therefore fewer sizes were packaged together. The progression of the company made way for printing the patterns as you see them today un-nested and printed on tissue paper.

In the early days, a pattern brochure was printed twice a year. Customers across the country received a catalog by mail and would call or write in their order. Click below to see an example of one of these brochures with line drawings.

Download PDF • 1.21MB

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