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Ciara J Liberty of London Olivia

Liberty is such a great option for smocking projects! This purple geometric pops on this Ciara J Tana Liberty lawn. Melissa used the smocking plate in the pattern, Eliza, with some modifications. She shortened it and then mirrored the design for the bottom section for a new look.

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Patterns: Olivia

Fabric: Ciara J by Liberty of London

Smocking Plate: Eliza (from Olivia) with adjustments as described below DMC Floss: 3607, 3608 (Purchase Match Your Floss and note number.)

*Products available at while supplies last.

Smocking Adjustments

1. Complete top portion of waves from Eliza design (as many rows as desired). After the last row, repeat the wave design 1/4 space below in a darker color.


2. Skip spaces between 3 pleater rows and backsmock those rows. This will leave 2 full pleater spaces between top portion of smocking and lower portion.


3. Resume Eliza wave design on the 3rd pleater row below the last row. Mirror the design of last row above using the same darker color as the last row.


4. Repeat design 1/4 space down using the lighter color. Repeat this row again for a total of 3 light rows.


5. Continue Eliza design on the next 3 rows each mirroring the row above.


6. Repeat each of the next 2 rows 1/4 space down.


7. Repeat final row using the darker color 1/4 space down.


8. 6-cable flowerettes are worked in the darker color floss between spaces on the lower portion of smocking. See dress photo for spacing.


Lower smocked portion is 5 1/2 rows.


Adaptation by

Melissa Sansom

Click the printer icon below for printable version.


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