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Ava with Scallops

Rounding the neck of Ava leads to all kinds of possibilities for a pretty collar. This dress mixes the Ava View A dress pattern with the Scallops Add-on pattern adding a scalloped collar and scalloped flutter sleeve. The example dress uses the 5-scalloped collar (View A). You will use instructions from both the Ava and the Scallops patterns in addition to the instructions below.

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1. Follow the video tutorial below to modify neck of the bodice pieces of the Ava pattern using another Children's Corner Patterns bodice pattern. Choose from Alex, Lee, Victoria, Molly, Boys Basics 3 or Eleanor.

2. Construct the scalloped collar per the instructions in the pattern.

3. For the scalloped flutter sleeve use the Scallops Sleeve Band pattern piece. Round out the slightly angled areas at the two outer scallops. Cut 4.

4. Follow Scallops pattern instructions Step 10.

5. Follow Scallops Step 11 instructions except begin and end the stitching at the long raw edge (not at marked dots). Short ends of bands and scalloped edge will be stitched.

6. Skip Scallops Step 12. Complete Step 13 and repeat with the other scalloped flutter.

7. Stitch gathering threads along raw edge of each scalloped flutter. First stitching line should be 1/8 inch from the raw edge and the second 3/8 inch from the edge.

8. Measure armhole curve of the bodice front and mark the halfway point. Repeat for the bodice back armhole curve.

9. Stitch shoulder seams of Ava bodice and lining. Press seams open.

10. Place bodice right side up and lay finished collar on top right side up. Line up center fronts and neck curves and baste collar in place.

11. Gather scalloped flutter to fit between marks on the Ava View A bodice. Distribute gathers evenly and baste in place.

12. Continue construction of dress following the Ava View A instructions.

Made by Melissa Sansom

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