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Alex with Elastic Hem

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

To make a long romper even cuter for baby, consider adding elastic at the hem. We used the long version of Alex to make this adorable version. While we made it with the version with grippers, you use this technique on a version without grippers.


Children’s Corner Alex pattern Elastic (1/4” wide) – see chart

Construction Instructions

1. After completing step 21 of the Alex instructions, top stitch 3/8” from the bottom edge of romper leg. Start 1/4" from back inseam and stop stitching 1 ¼” from front inseam.

2. Repeat with the other leg.

3. Pull 1/4" elastic through this casing with a safety pin on each end of the elastic. Secure each end by topstitching at either end. Remove safety pins. Repeat with other leg.

4. Continue with step 22 of the Alex instructions.

Instructions by Susan Whitman

Click the printer icon below for printable version.


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