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Victoria with Crinoline

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Special occasions call for special dresses, even in a culture where we “dress up” less often. The Victoria pattern lends itself as an ideal building block dress to create something special. For additional volume, we chose to add a crinoline to the Victoria skirt. Long standing as a method to enhance a skirt, the traditional crinoline was made from everything from horsehair to steel cage hoops. While the look and materials have evolved over time, the desire to add a little poof to a skirt remains a way to make something special.


Children’s Corner Victoria pattern Lining – this version must have a lined skirt, to cut enough extra fabric follow requirements for the sleeveless version Tulle – 3” x 150” (sizes 6mo – 3) 7” x 180” (sizes 4 – 14)

Construction Instructions

1. Sew the Victoria dress according to the instructions. You will need to also cut a skirt lining. Add the tulle as the final step after you have hemmed the dress.

2. Cut a strip of tulle 3” to 7” long and 3Xs the total width of the skirt lining.

3. Stitch the ends of the tulle together to form a circle. Sew 2 gathering threads along the top of the circle. 1/8” from the edge and 3/8” from the edge.

4. Place the gathered tulle on the outside of the lining. The tulle will be between the dress and the lining so that the tulle won’t be scratchy on the legs.

5. Leaving 1” of the finished lining hem below the bottom of the tulle, pin the tulle in place and stitch.

Adaptation by Susan Whitman

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