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Sutton with Contrast Front Ruffle

Updated: May 3

From our earliest days, the Children’s Corner has designed and sewn heirloom garments for children. One of our most sought after daygowns for baby was the "Infant Daygown" seen in this variation of our Sutton pattern. We add a ruffle from a contrasting fabric with lace along the front facing. Shop the look, here.


Children’s Corner Sutton Fabric for Contrast Ruffle – see chart below


1. Follow Sutton instructions steps 1 – 6 as written. Do not trim the batiste on second side of the entredeux. 2. Continue with Sutton instructions steps 8 – 15. Do not stitch the lace to the entredeux down the front of the daygown. 3. With right sides together, place the lace edging on the ruffle strip with the edge of the fabric extending 1/8" beyond the edge of the lace. 4. Stitch the lace edging to the ruffle strip with a zig zag (width of 4.0mm, length of 1.0mm) 5. Press the rolled edge toward the fabric. 6. Stitch 2 rows of lengthened stitches on the edge of the ruffle strip. (use a stitch length of 3.0mm) 7. Gather the ruffle evenly. Place the gathered edge of the ruffle onto the batiste edge of the entredeux. Leave ¼” of ruffle extending beyond the top of the gown. 8. Straight stitch next to the holes with the entredeux facing up. Trim seam allowance to 1/8”. Finish the edge with a zig zag (width of 4.0mm length of 1.0mm.) Do not stitch in the entredeux holes. 9. Press the rolled edge toward the ruffle. 10. Fold the top end of the ruffle 1/8” to the wrong side and press. Repeat with another 1/8”. Whip stitch the pressed end of the ruffle. 11. Continue with Sutton instructions steps 18 – 23.

Adaptation by Susan Whitman

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