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Snap Setter Tool

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

For everyday wear, a snap closure is a useful and durable option. We use them often to fasten the crotch of a baby bubble or romper (Harper, Bailey, Johnny, William/Winnie). You may also choose to set a snap to close a bib (Bunny’s Knit Nightie). The SnapSetter tool by Snap Source installs snaps well and they stay in place. Don’t be shy, this tool requires you to really hammer!


Snap Setter tool Size 16 snaps (open or closed) Hammer Stuff-It tool, narrow screwdriver, pencil Hard surface


1. Gather your supplies and find a hard surface, like a concrete floor. Do not use your dining room table! It is important to have a stable, hard surface so your snaps will go together properly.

2. Mark the top and bottom of your fabric to show where to place the snaps. To ensure you mark the perfect spot, close the area as if the snap is in place and stick a straight pin through both thicknesses. Works every time.

3. Place the cap with prongs down and center on this mark. Push the prongs through the fabric, and then place the cap into the base of the SnapSetter. The prongs will now be facing up through the fabric.

4. Using the Stuff-It tool, press in the center of the prongs, holding the fabric in place. Set the middle section of the SnapSetter on top.

5. With the raised side of the socket facing the cap, place the socket on top of the prongs.

6. Put the final piece of the SnapSetter on top.

7. Hammer into place. Don’t be shy! A couple of solid hits does the trick.

8. You will repeat these steps to set the stud in place.

9. If you miss the mark, or find out the snap did not set correctly, no worries! Gently pry the snap apart with a flat head screwdriver and get a new prong cap, and try again.

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