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Sassy Skirt Pattern Correction

Pattern Correction: Sassy Skirt #269 (out of print)

These corrections apply to the Sassy Skirt pattern


1. Sash strips - Step 10

Sash with Knot: Cut 1 strip of fabric: 3 1/2” x 44” (sizes 3-5) or 3 1/2” x 48” (sizes 6-10).

Sash with Bow: Cut 1 strip 3 1/2” x 60: (sizes 3-5) or 3 1/2” x 66” (sizes 6-10).

2. Fold lengthwise with right sides together and pin or baste. Cut a bias angle at each end. Stitch each end and down long side, leaving a 1” space at the center to turn sash. Trim, turn and press. Whip opening closed. Thread sash through belt loops and tie in a square knot or bow at center front of skirt.

3. Width of ruffles and binding is at the discretion of seamstress

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