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Change Waistline on Nora

Updated: May 15

Every girl we know loves to twirl in a View A Nora. Why not make a slight variation and raise the waist slightly?! In this video, Melissa shows you how.

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Pattern: Nora View A, raised waist

Fabric: Knit Millefiori Ethereal by Art Gallery Fabrics *Available at while supplies last.


Nora Pattern, View A

Tracing paper & pencil




1. Trace copies of the Front Bodice and Back Bodice pattern pieces.

2. Use chart below to shorten bodice pattern pieces at the lower edge.


Amount to Change


2 in


3 in


4 in

3. Trace waistline curve, side seam and center cut on fold line of View A circle skirt.

4. Use measurement on the chart in step 2 to add length to the lower edge of the circle skirt.

5. Using a ruler (and number from chart) measure down from lower edge of skirt placing a mark below the hem edge. Move ruler all around the lower edge of the skirt making marks around the curve at your specified length from the chart.

6. Fill in spaces between marks to form the new skirt hem curve.

7. Construct dress per pattern instructions.

Designed by

Melissa Sansom

Click the printer icon below for printable version.


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