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Molly with Tiered Skirt

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

We love it when we can add a tiered skirt. We reenvision Molly with a slightly shorter bodice and a 2 tiered skirt. We loved the embroidered eyelet on the skirt, and chose to balance it at the neck ruffle. To benefit the overall symmetry of this new look, the finished length will be slightly longer than the original pattern with no hem and added trim.

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Pattern: Molly

Buttons: 1/2" Rounded Flower Plastic Buttons Pink *Available at while supplies last.


Children’s Corner Molly Children’s Corner Victoria Additional yard of fabric for the tiered skirt


1. Shorten Molly Bodice Front and Back (pattern pieces 1 & 3) by 2". In this version we used view B with buttons at the back closure. Repeat with lining.

2. Follow the pattern instructions in Molly (steps 1–3) to construct the shoulder seams.

3. Follow the pattern instructions in Molly (steps 16–21) to construct the back placket, side seams, and basting of the armholes. Do not stitch around the neck.

4. Lengthen the Molly Gathered Skirt pattern (pattern piece 5) by 2”. This will be the bottom tier.

5. Make an additional skirt (top tier) using the bottom tier pattern piece in step 4. Cut this top tier skirt pattern 3” shorter than bottom tier.

6. Trim 1/4” off edge of embroidered edging. Sew ends together with right sides together to make a circle.

7. Sew the side seams of the top tier skirt. Repeat with bottom tier.

8. Serge embroidered edging to bottom of both the top and bottom tier skirts with right sides together. Press.

9. Stack the top tier on the bottom tier and treat as one skirt. Sew two lines of gathering stitches across the top. Stitch the first line 3/8” from the raw edge, and stitch the second line 5/8” from the raw edge. Gather the skirt to match the bottom edge of the bodice.

10. Place the bodice inside the skirt with right sides together. Matching side seams, stitch skirt to bodice using 1/2” seam allowance.

11. Follow the pattern instructions (steps 36 – 42) for the Victoria short puffed sleeve and insert into dress.

12. Finish ends of eyelet for ruffled collar.

13. Sew two lines of gathering stitches on the raw edge of the folded ruffle. Stitch the first line 3/8” from raw edge and the second line 5/8” from raw edge.

14. Follow the pattern instructions (steps 52-55) for the Victoria neck edge with ruffle and bias band.

Adaptation by Cathy Jones

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