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Molly Tunic

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Does she only want to wear blouses with her jeans or leggings? Why not make her a Children's Corner Molly as a blouse? Watching the fashion of today, she will love how the gathered bell sleeve makes her feel like she is wearing something from her favorite designer. You will love winning yet again with something she will wear.


Cutting Instructions

1. Add 1” to the bottom edge of the front and back bodice. Cut out your fabric and lining.


1. Follow the instructions in the Molly pattern according to the pattern piece until you sew the pleated or gathered skirt to the bodice.

2. Hem the bottom of the blouse. Turn under and press the bottom edge of the bodice 1/4”. Turn under again, and press a 3/4” hem. Topstitch 1/8” from top of hem, or sew a blind hem. Repeat with the lining using a 1” hem so that the lining will not hang below the dress.

Adaptation by Emily Douglas

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