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Louise with Sash Ties

Updated: May 31, 2023

We love adding a little something to the Louise. In this variation, we make a small ruffle at the sleeve and neck edge and add a unique sash with three narrow ties. Depending on how long you make the ties, you can choose to tie in a traditional sash at the back or wrap to the front making a basket weave belt.


Children’s Corner Louise pattern Bias tape maker (optional)

Cutting Instructions

Cut 1 strip of fabric 1 1/2” wide and 1.5 X the length of the neck edge. Cut 2 strips of fabric 1 1/2” wide and 1.5 X the complete armhole. (front and back) Trim 1/2” from the neck edge of the Louise pattern (front and back). Cut 6 ties 1 1/2” wide X length (per this chart).

Construction Instructions

Neck and Sleeve Ruffle 1. Press the fabric strips in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together. 2. Stitch 2 rows of lengthened machine stitches starting 1/8” from the raw edges then again 3/8 from the raw edges. 3. Complete the shoulder seam of the bodice. 4. Gather the neck ruffle to fit the neck edge. As you pin the ruffle to the neck edge, curve the end of the ruffle to be even with the raw edge of the neck. Start and stop at the center back.

5. Gather each armhole ruffle to fit the armhole curving the end of the ruffle to the raw edge. Start and stop this ruffle 1/4” from the side seam of the bodice. Sash Ties 1. Fold strips in half lengthwise with wrong sides together, and press. Unfold. Fold in the raw edges to the center crease line, and press. Fold in half lengthwise again matching folded edges. Alternately, use a bias tape maker.

2. Topstitch ties 1/16” from the folded edges using an edge stitch foot. 3. Stitch 3 ties on each side of the front bodice. Place the 1st one 1/2” from the bottom. 4. Tie to the back for a traditional sash. 5. For weaved affect shown in picture, wrap the ties to the front and weave as you would weave as basket and then tie in bow at back. 6. Complete the dress according to the Louise direction. Adaptation by Susan Whitman

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