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Lezette with Lace Collar

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Lezette's classic style is further refined with this lovely lace collar. We use View A for the classic puff sleeve, and follow the neckband instructions in View B for the lace collar. We used a delicate lace netting, however you can easily substitute a beautiful Swiss embroidered edging as an alternative.

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Pattern: Lezette

Fabric: Gray Floral, made from a linen/nylon blend Lace Netting: Lace Netting Floral 7043

*Available at while supplies last. See chart below for requirements.


1. Follow Lezette instructions steps #1-12.

2. Prepare lace collar by finishing each end of lace by pressing under 1/8” and then 1/8” again and stitch.

3. Sew two lines of gathering stitches on the top edge of lace. Stitch the first line 3/8” from raw edge and the second line 5/8” from raw edge.

4. Pull gathering threads to softly gather the lace to match the neckline starting and stopping at fold lines.

5. Pin lace to neckline and baste in place.

6. Follow Lezette View B neckband instructions (steps 24 & 25). On left side, sew button through lace and fabric to hold lace in place.

7. Complete dress according to Lezette instructions (steps 26-34, 38 & 39).

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