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Lee with Pleated Insertion

Updated: Mar 15

Our beloved Lee pattern is a classic yoke dress with many variations. Susan explains how to sew a pleated insert into the Lee. In this video, she creates a ready to smock Lee, giving you the flexibility to sew the insert into the dress and smock as the final FUN step.

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Pattern: Lee View A with pleated insertion

Fabric + Self-Piping: Bunny Trail Spring Floral White by Riley Blake

Collar: White Pique Smocking Plate: Bailey's Butterflies by Creative Keepsakes *Available at while supplies last.


Children's Corner Lee pattern, View A Pleated insertion Wool pressing mat or Lace shaping board Straight pins Wonder Tape or Tiger Tape (as Susan uses in the video)

Scotch tape (that's right, simple tape)


1. Shorten the front skirt. Measure the height of pattern piece 15, Blocking Guide for Smocking, from the top SMOCKING row to the bottom SMOCKING row. Adjust the View A front skirt piece, pattern piece 6, by this measurement.

2. Follow along with the video to attach the pleated insert.

3. Finish the Lee dress according to the pattern instructions.

Adaptation by Susan Whitman

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