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Katina with Ruffle Bodice

Updated: May 24, 2023

The Katina yoke may be small, but there are many ways to dress it up for a new look. In this tutorial, Cathy adds a ruffle.



1. Measure around top and sides of front and back yokes. Multiply this measurement by 1.75 to determine the length of each ruffle strip.

2. Cut a ruffle strip 2” wide by the number you calculated in step 1.

3. Fold each ruffle strip in half with wrong sides together.

4. Taper both ends cutting a curve, starting about 2” away from ends.

5. Run 2 lines of lengthened machine stitching 1/8” and 3/8”.

6. Pull up gathering threads so that ruffle fits top and sides of yoke.

7. Pin ruffle to right side of yoke front with raw edges together. Stitch ruffle to yoke with 1/4" seam, stopping at the 1/2" seamline beside piping.

8. Repeat with yoke back. Apply the ruffle before positioning straps so they will be sandwiched in-between yoke and yoke lining.

9. Finish according to Katina instructions.

Adaptation by Cathy Jones

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