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Jane Long Sleeve

Updated: May 31, 2023

The Children’s Corner Jane with long sleeves is a versatile dress for fall and winter. Pair with leggings or make into a cozy nightgown! Follow these easy instructions below for extending and finishing the sleeve pattern.


Children’s Corner Jane pattern Fabric: dress requirements plus 1/3 yard for sleeve 1/4” wide elastic – 1 yard Tracing Paper

Cutting Instructions

1. Trace the short sleeve pattern piece onto a piece of tissue paper leaving room to add to bottom of sleeve. VERY IMPORTANT – MARK THE FRONT AND BACK OF THE SLEEVE! Draw a line on each edge of the sleeve to extend the length of the sleeve so that the underarm seam is the following length:

2. Connect the two underarm seams with a straight line. This is the fold line for the casing at the wrist. Label as “Fold Line” on line. Measure and mark in from each side 1”. To taper the sleeve, connect a line from the top of the underarm seam to the mark you made on the fold line. 3. To draw the casing, make a parallel line 3/4″ below the fold line.

4. Fold the tissue paper up on the fold line, and trace the sides of the sleeve in the area between the fold and the casing line. This way, the casing will fit nicely inside the sleeve without causing puckering.

5. Final long sleeve pattern piece should look like the one below.


1. Fold under bottom edge of sleeve casing to wrong side 1/4” and press. Fold under again on casing fold line and press. Then unfold. NOTE: This step will make stitching the casing easier later. 2. Follow pattern instructions for sewing sleeve into dress. 3. Refold under bottom edge of sleeve 1/4” and press. Fold under again on foldline and press. This will be for casing. Topstitch 1/8” from bottom edge of casing. Stitch again 3/8” from first topstitching leaving a small opening at seam for putting in elastic. Note: It is always a good idea to measure your child’s wrist. Finished wrist measurements: sizes 1-2: 5″; sizes 3-4: 6″; sizes 5-6: 7″

4. Thread elastic through casing using a safety pin or bodkin. Pull up elastic to desired length. Sew ends of elastic together, cutting off any excess. Topstitch opening closed in casing.

Adapted by

Lezette Thomason

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