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Jackson Pattern Correction

Pattern Correction: Jackson #257 (out of print)

These corrections apply to the Jackson pattern


1. Use this revised illustration when working on “Sewing in Pleats”

2. Under “Construction of Straight Sleeves” with Corded Piping

Step 1: Omit

Step 2: Trim seam allowance on corded piping to ¼”. Stitch corded piping to wrong side of bottom edge of sleeve. Press seam towards sleeve. Fold sleeve to right side on foldline and press. Topstitch “cuff” to sleeve in the “ditch”.

Step 3: French seam underarm seam.

Continue with sleeve instructions on pattern from this point forward

Step 9b. At bottom of legs place right side of romper lining to right side of romper. Stitch across bottom of legs. Trim seam. Turn to right side and press.

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