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Interlining a Tate

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

There are seasons, even in the south, when our little ones need a cozier coat. We will help you interline the Children’s Corner Tate pattern. The cotton flannel will be “sandwiched” between the fabric and lining, and make a nice and cozy addition.


Children’s Corner Tate pattern Cotton flannel - using lining requirements Fabric per the Tate pattern

Cutting Instructions

1. Pre-wash the cotton flannel as it will likely shrink at a greater rate than most fabrics.

2. Cut fabric and lining as directed in pattern.

3. When cutting flannel pieces, cut same pieces as lining.


4. Placing the cotton flannel on the wrong side of the lining, baste the two together with a scant ¼” seam.

5. Now treat these pieces as one pieces and complete the Tate following the instructions.

Technique by Susan Whitman

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