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Heirloom Penny

Updated: Mar 2

Create a lovely heirloom look with a touch of lace at the sleeves and hem of the Penny pattern. With only a few modifications, Cathy incorporates some of her favorite laces with this soft pink linen fabric.

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Pattern: Penny

Fabric + Piping: Handkerchief Linen Pink by Spechler Vogel

Smocking Plate: Julianna (included with Penny)

DMC Floss:  Blanc (Purchase Match Your Floss and note number.)



1. Measure bottom edge of dress. This will be the amount of entredeux you need as well as the amount of insertion needed. 2. Measure bottom of each puff sleeve before gathering. This will be the amount of lace edging you will need for sleeves.

3. Take the number from step 1 and multiply by 1.6 to determine the amount of lace edging needed to finish bottom of dress.

4. Using Penny instructions, complete steps 1-25.

5. For Step 26, sew only one side seam with right sides together. Finish and press seam.

6. Finish the bottom of the dress here instead of step 35. Cut away 2” of hem allowance.  Add entredeux, 3/8” insertion and lightly gather 3/4” edging before zig-zagging to insertion.

Note:  If you have difficulty with the “lace to gathered lace” method, you can also add a row of entredeux between insertion and edging.

7. Sew remaining side seam. Finish and press.

8. For Step 27, baste a flat piece of lace edging to bottom edge of sleeve 1/4” from raw edge. Baste along header of lace. Stitch 2 gathering lines and gather sleeve to fit band. Lace will gather when you pull up gathering threads. Stitch sleeve to band using lace basting thread as a guide.

9. Finish sleeve and remainder of dress following instructions steps 30-34.

Adaptation by Cathy Jones

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