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Harper with Piping & Border Print

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Some fabrics are just screaming to be sewn. This colorful border print makes such a bright and fun option for baby. We chose to add piping to the waist as we thought it completed the look.


Fabric requirements for border print – 1 1/3 yards all sizes *fabric with double border only needs 5/8 yard Piping – 1 1/3 yards

Cutting Instructions

1. For the “flower garden” to encircle the bubble you will need to cut bubble pattern pieces cross grain. Unfold fabric flat. Then fold torn edges to center. Place Front and Back bubble pattern pieces on fold and cut. (see photo below)

2. Leave fabric folded and cut all pieces cross grain.


1. After step #14 in the instructions, make piping to go along bottom edge of bodice on right side of the fabric. Match raw edges and taper piping onto the bodice lining about 1/2". Keeping the lining pulled out of the way, stitch piping to bodice using 1/2” seam allowance and taper off about 1/2" on the lining. Pull cording out 3/8” of each end and trim the cord to reduce the bulk in the seams.

2. Continue to step #15 for construction of the bubble. Adaptation by Cathy Jones

Click the printer icon below for printable version.


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