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Ginger with Victoria Sleeves

Updated: May 3, 2023

Ginger is darling with the delicate ruffle around the neck and down the front placket. Don’t you want to enjoy this sundress all year round? With these quick modifications, you can! Shop the featured look, here.


Cutting Instructions

1. Trace a copy of the front and back bodice pieces from the sleeveless dress as well as both bodice lining pieces. Use these copies for modifications prior to cutting out fabric. 2. Choose one of the two methods below to adjust the armhole on the front and back bodices.

Method 1 3. Place newly traced sleeveless front bodice on top of the front bodice pattern piece of the sleeved pattern. 4. Line up the center front lines and shoulder seams. The neck and lower edges might not match. 5 .Trace the armhole curve from the pattern underneath onto the traced pattern. Shorten the side seamline and extend the shoulder to match the newly drawn curve. 6. Do the same for the back bodice and all lining pieces. 7. Cut out and label new pattern pieces. Use these pieces as you construct the garment per the pattern instructions. Method 2 8. To adjust the armhole on the front and back bodice, refer to the chart to lower the armhole and extend the shoulder seam out toward the sleeve. Draw a dot lowering the armhole and another dot making the shoulder seam longer.

9. Using a French curve, if you have one, draw the curve connecting these dots. If you do not have a French curve, you can simply follow the shape of the pattern armhole to connect the dots.

10. Make the same changes to all bodice and lining pieces. 11. Cut out and label new pattern pieces. Use these pieces as you construct the garment per the pattern instructions


12. Follow step 10 of Ginger instructions up to topstitching armholes. Instead, separate dress from lining and stitch side seams of both the dress and lining down bodice and skirt (a). Press seams open, or finish seams and press to back. Turn right side out. Baste the dress and dress lining together around armhole using scant 1/4”seam allowance (b).



13. Refer to the sleeve construction steps 35 – 42 provided by the instructions in the Victoria pattern. 14. Finish the construction of the dress according to the Ginger instructions. Adaptation by Melissa Sansom

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