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Ella + Parker's Shorts Pajamas

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Ella is such a quick project to sew, and lends itself to a perfect option for a pajamas. Susan shortens the blouse and adds a ruffle to the hem. She pairs this cozy knit top with matching knit Parker’s Pants with banded hem. For an everyday pajama set, Susan chose a luscious Art Gallery knit and coordinating Liberty tana lawn. She will certainly drift off to sweet dreams in these pajamas.

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Pattern: Ella & Parker's Pants

Fabric: Knit Sun Stripe by Art Gallery Fabrics (shop more Art Gallery knits here)

Ruffle Fabric: Felicite E by Liberty of London (shop more Liberty of London here) *Available at while supplies last.



1. Trace the front and back blouse pattern. Refer to the chart below to determine how much to shorten at the blouse cutting line.

2. Measure along the bottom hemline of the new front and back traced pattern pieces. Multiply this number by 1.75. This is the length of the 2 ruffles. Refer to the chart for width (height) of the ruffles. Cut 2 ruffles.

3. Stitch the ends of the ruffle so that you have one long piece. Press one long edge of the ruffle 1/8” to the wrong side. Then press again 1/8” and top stitch in place.

4. Stitch 2 rows of lengthened stitches 1/8” from the top and again 3/8” from the top.

5. Follow step 4 – 11. At step 11, stitch only one side seam at this time.

6. Gather the ruffle and pin to the bottom edge with right sides together, matching the side seam of the gown with the seam on the ruffle.

7. Stitch the ruffle in place. Trim and finish this seam. Stitch the other side seam.

8. Complete the gown following Ella instructions.

9. See the blog "Banded Parker’s Shorts" to complete the matching shorts. Adaptation by Susan Whitman

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