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Double Border April

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

For a special piece of fabric with a double border, you can use the border as the hem of the dress and the ruffle for the April bodice. We used a beautiful embroidered dot with scalloped edge and fully lined our dress because the fabric was sheer. If you don’t have a border fabric, you can achieve this touch of sweetness by using Swiss embroidered edging as the ruffle. Use these instructions as a guide when you cut the edging as the ruffle.


Lining – bodice and skirt due to sheerness (see chart below)

Alternative – use Swiss embroidered edging

Cutting Instructions

1. Cut all of your pieces, cross-grain as shown in the cutting layout. Cut your skirt and ruffle pieces one at a time. When cutting the ruffle, overlap the scalloped edge on the ruffle fold line as shown below.

2. Cut your lining pieces cross-grain.

Instructions by Susan Whitman

Click the printer icon below for printable version.


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