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Special Occasion Pillowcase (Burrito Method)

Updated: Feb 4

Create this quick and easy pillowcase using the burrito method. Perfect for a festive pillowcase for any season and for any sewing ability!

Fabric Requirements

Cutting Measurements


1. Cut fabrics according to chart above. Trim strip is optional. Take care to cut directional fabrics with the selvage edge along the long edge of fabric.

2. Fold the 2" trim strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and press well.

3. Place cuff fabric on table right side up. 4. Place wrong side of pillowcase body fabric to right side of cuff fabric, matching raw edges at the top.

5. Place trim strip on top of body fabric with all raw edges lined up at the top. Pin all layers of fabric in place.

6. Roll the pillowcase body towards the cuff fabric, starting at the lower edge. Continue rolling until it is within a few inches of the top edge. The pillowcase cuff will still be flat under this roll.

7. Take the lower edge of the pillowcase cuff and wrap it over the roll. With right sides together of cuff fabric, match the lower edge of the cuff with the pinned raw edges at the top. Pin all layers in place.

8. Stitch together along top raw edges using a 1/4" seam allowance (for a 3/4" finished trim strip) or a 1/2" seam allowance (for a 1/2" finished trim strip).

9. Carefully pull pillowcase body out from the roll and press well. Topstitch along cuff edge if desired.

10. Sew remaining edges of pillowcase with a French Seam. Fold pillowcase in half placing wrong sides together. Carefully line up cuff and trim strip edges and pin in place along the side and lower edge.

11. Stitch side and lower edge seams with a 1/4" seam allowance pivoting at the corner.

12. Trim away half of seam allowance. Clip corner diagonally.

13. Turn pillowcase wrong side out. Use a point turner at the corners and press seams well.

14. With right sides together, stitch again along edges using a 3/8" seam allowance. Seam allowance will be enclosed. Turn pillowcase right side out and press.

Designed by Melissa Sansom

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