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Tips for Sewing the Tate Jacket

Updated: Sep 23

Tate is our classic double breasted jacket, perfect for cooler weather. In the video below, Susan guides you through some of the harder steps on the Tate pattern.

Shop the Look

Pattern: Children’s Corner Tate pattern Outer Fabric: Raspberry Corduroy by Fabric Finders

Lining Fabric: Claire Rich B by Liberty of London

Buttons: 3/4" 4 Hole Wood Button *Available at while supplies last.


Children’s Corner Tate pattern

Fabric for Coat

Fabric for Lining


Featherweight Fusible Interfacing

Get Inspired

Combinations chosen in September 2023. *Available at while supplies last.

  1. Purple Corduroy with Flowerhouse Violet Roses Lining, Violet Size 23 Plastic Buttons

  2. Navy Corduroy with Blue, Orange, and Red Floral or Navy Gingham Lining, Navy Size 23 Plastic Buttons

  3. Cornflower Corduroy with In The Jungle Elephants or Lawn LC Sky Lining, White Plastic 24 Buttons

  4. Leaf Corduroy with Wild Underbrush or Red, Orange and Green Floral Lining, 10082-24 Green or 3/4" Dark Wood 4 Hole Buttons

  5. Flannel Mr. Penny Vanilla with Turquoise or Orange Gingham Lining, Orange or Peacock Blue Size 23 Plastic Buttons

  6. Folkloric Flowers Navy with Hot Pink Gingham Lining, 4 Hole Magenta 3/4" Button

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