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The Original Ginger

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Ever wonder how we name our patterns? The majority are named for little ones in our lives. Many of whom are not so little anymore! When we set out to name our most recent sundress pattern, Ginger, we knew we wanted to honor a lady who’s been a part of this company since the beginning.

In the late 1970s, Ginger Caldwell and team developed a company which became the gold standard of children’s heirloom sewing patterns. Ginger faithfully poured energy, passion and commitment into producing quality sewing patterns. Naming this dress for her was an easy choice.

Ginger Caldwell in the Children's Corner booth at market.

Ginger has a way of making you laugh from your belly when you least expect it. She has terrific style and continues to place an eye on the beautiful trends in children’s clothing. Never happier than when she is with her family or has her toes in the sand, we are delighted she continues to pop into the shop and fill it with laughter. When we told Ginger our plans to name this dress for her, she quipped in her dead-pan humor "well, I don’t have any grandchildren named for me but at least I have a pattern name." The pattern and the lady share great style and grace, and we are delighted when we refer to "Ginger" for years to come a smile will no doubt cross our faces. For more stories about the women who helped build Children's Corner, see articles about Lezette Thomason and Cathy Jones.

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